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Last Updated: 30-Nov-2020

The Module Masters are pleased to announce the release of the SQL Reporting Services plugin for the WordPress platform. After being the go to solution for displaying Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services reports in the DotNetNuke platform, we decided it was time to bring our excellent product to the WordPress platform as a plugin.

This plugin is the first of its kind and we have a jam packed road map of features we will be bringing online in the coming weeks. We wanted to get the plugin out sooner rather than later so have released it with some basic functionality and plan to keep adding features and functionality. We also look forward to the ideas and feature requests we anticipate from the WordPress community!

The plugin is available for free and also as a professional version. The free version is listed in the WordPress plugins directory and also available here for download. The professional version builds on the free version and adds additional features. The following chart lists these.

Using the plugin once installed is very easy. It is setup to be used as a shortcode within WordPress which allows you ultimate flexibility in defining where you want to embed your SSRS reports within your WordPress site.

The first step is to register the report server:

Then you simply setup the shortcode specifying the relative report folder and name within the shortcode wherever you want to embed the report:

Voila! And that's it, now you see your report rendered within your WordPress site!

Please checkout our documentation for a better overview of the product and don't hesitate to checkout the free version and let us know any features you'd like to see sooner rather than later and please check back here often to keep up to date on the latest releases!